Pixel Gun 3d – types of currencies

If you have a smartphone and searching for a game for spending your leisure time, then your search is over. Let us tell you the best game you can play on your smartphone whether it is an android or an iOS-based phone. The game is Pixel Gun 3d, and it is one of the finest action based game you can find at your app store.

Pixel Gun 3d is the best game you can find at a really low capacity. It is the most demanded game you can find and play in your leisure time. Everyone is well known with the fact that currencies are the most important part of the game. There are mainly four types of currencies available in the game you need. Let us talk about them in detail.

  • Coins

Coins are the main and the primary currency of the game so if you want will get more by trying Pixel Gun 3d Cheats. Every currency has its use. So if you want to change the skin of the character or the guns you are using, then you need these coins to do it. Along with this, you can buy a huge number of things for your character or avatar. The player needs to use these coins wisely as earning them is hard.

  • Gems

Another type of currency is used in this game is the gems. It is the premium currency of the game. If you want to buy some expensive and high-quality things in the game, then you need gems to do that. Earning them is also really hard and even harder than getting coins.

  • Tickets

The next type of currency is the tickets. It is also one of the important currencies in the game. You need them to unlock a lot of different and hidden levels in the game.

  • Keys

Last but not the least type of currency is the keys. They are just used to unlock the next level you need to play. You will get these keys as a winning reward of the level.